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Sparkhub launches their podcast "Spark Chat"

Sparkub today launched the pilot episode of the new podcast series "Spark Chat" The podcast plans to focus on discussions around the Maldivian Startup Ecosystem, with guests ranging from founders, entrepreneurs, investors and policymakers.

07 May 2020 more info

Sparkhub accepted into Am...

Sparkhub has been accepted into the Amazon Web Service (AWS) Activate program. The AWS Activate Portfolio package is designed for startups in selected accelerators, incubators, seed and VC funds, and other startup-enabling organizations.

08 September 2019 more info

Sparkhub launches Startup...

Sparkhub today launched Startup Maldives Network (SNM) along with the website Startup Maldives Network (SMN) is an initiative of Sparkhub and aims to be the leading platform that gives a face to the startup ecosystem of Maldives both locally and globally. SMN is developed to foster the development of the startup ecosystem in the Maldives, to be a regional hub for innovation and to be the birthplace of many successful startup stories originating from the Maldives

08 September 2019 more info

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Report: Impact of COVID-1...

To better understand the impact of COVID-19 to the Maldivian startups, SparkHub has conducted the “Impact of COVID19 on Maldivian Startups” survey from 30th April to 11th May 2020. Startups from different growth stages participated in the survey which reveals that the pandemic has had a huge impact on the local startup ecosystem and has now become a challenge for the survival of most startups in the Maldives.

15 August 2020 more info

Dhiraagu and Sparkhub con...

The Techstars Startup Weekend Maldives 2019, organized by Dhiraagu and Sparkhub has ended on 17 November 2019. The three day long event had a total of 51 participants attending and pitching 30 ideas, of which 11 startups ideas were selected and teams formed. The teams went through intensive sessions on Customer Validation, Lean Canvas and building prototypes. The teams also got a special curated session on how to pitch and be ready for the final demo in front of the judges.

26 November 2019 more info

Sparkhub Faciliates Idea...

Allied Insurance Company of the Maldives concluded its second Idea Camp, which was designed for the staff of Allied, below the Deputy Managers from 18th to 19th October 2019 and was facilitated by Sparkhub.

22 October 2019 more info

Dhiraagu, MMA and Sparkhu...

Winner of Angelhack Maldives 2019 organized by Dhiraagu, MMA and Sparkhub, has been announced today. At the closing ceremony held to commemorate the ending of AngelHack Maldives 2019, Team Staylight, emerged as winners and will now become part of Angelhack’s pre-accelerator programme, the HACKcelerator

17 July 2019 more info

Dhiraagu and Sparkhub int...

Lean Startup Machine is an intensive three-day workshop, which teaches Lean methodologies and hands-on applications to product, customer, and business model development. Considered as the world’s leading startup workshop, Lean Startup Machine takes place in more than 150 cities around the world.

05 April 2019 more info

Sparkhub and Dhiraagu org...

The second edition of Startup Grind X chapter in Male’, in partnership with Dhiraagu & Sparkhub, featured Mr Dhanish Athif, founder & COO of MyBump, Malaysia.

03 April 2019 more info

SparkHub is a year old no...

The future for startups in Maldives looks bright, and rest assured, Sparkhub will be leading the way.

19 February 2019 more info

Sparkhub in partnership w...

Startup Grind is the largest independent startup community, actively educating, inspiring and connecting entrepreneurs across the world.

08 December 2018 more info

Partnership with Square H...

Sparkhub became an associated partner with SquareHub in organising the Startup Weekend - Youth Edition.

31 August 2018 more info

Representing Maldives in...

SparkHub was provided the opportunity to represent and nominate startups from Maldives to take part in Disrupt Asia 2018.

11 August 2018 more info