Sparkhub is a management consultancy firm specializing its core resources in strengthening the startup ecosystem of Maldives. We are thriving to support, nurture the growth of startups in Maldives by fostering right environment through promoting innovations and accelerating startup ventures in collaboration with entrepreneurs and enterprises.

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Upcoming Event: SW Addu City (March 2020)
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Corporate Hack is an innovation solution program targeted to the Corporates in Maldives, where out of the box and tailor made approach is provided to corporates to provide solutions to problems, where research meets innovation, allowing employees to become a part of the product development process of their company.

Based on corporate requirements, the customised internal boot camp will be designed & developed in consultation with the company, to be more efficient, effective and encouraging the employees to be part of the Corporate Innovation process.

Spark Space is an upcoming co-working space to be established by Sparkhub, which would be transforming the startup ecosystem in Maldives and it would be integrating the products offered by Sparkhub and other corporate events, along with international products and services.

The space would not be just able co-working space, that only provides a workplace, but it would be the hub of idea generation, networking, startup related events and would be a place where the next big company in Maldives would be taking its birth.

Ideapad is a customized programme, introduced by Sparkhub, which would provide hands-on experiences to entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs to discover their entrepreneurial knowledge and skills. We would deliver tailored sessions focusing on business ideation process, customer validation and building a team to work on their startup idea, to find out if it would be a viable and support in developing the Minimal Viable Product.

The upcoming Virtual Incubator Programme (VIP), powered by Sparkhub would be targeting towards providing a mentoring and coaching services for startups from its business ideation process until the MVP is developed.

The winning team from the various hackathon & challenges organised by Sparkhub would be enrolled into the VIP, who would be following the start-up phase of their new fresh enterprises ideas without the costs and the limits of offering logistic services of settlement.

The VIP would focus on providing advisory, mentoring and technical service that an incubator offers but without the physical facilities through the support of the partners/mentor pool of Sparkhub. The aim of the VIP is to support the development of the entrepreneurial Communities through the enhancement of the matching and coordination among mentors, entrepreneurs and start-up.

Spark Chat is an informal & non-technical conversation between like-minded personals, peers or those who are interested to get into the startup culture or expand their horizon of business, thereby providing a platform where the community come together, with a common language and understanding to network and learn from one another.

Spark Chat is clustered into three models, they are:

  • Fireside Chat: An informal conversation between us and a notable entrepreneur or educator or an investor who is supporting in the development of the startup ecosystem in Maldives and share their success and failures with an audience with live interaction.
  • Podcast: We would be launching our own podcast, whereby we would be inviting individuals and representatives from various businesses, organisations and institutions to talk about business environment and promoting the startup culture thereby creating the entrepreneurial mindset in Maldives.
  • Video Talk Show

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