Sparkhub is committed to providing a holistic program offering that accelerates the growth of entrepreneurs and enhances their sustainability.

Spark Chat is an informal & non-technical conversation between like-minded personals, peers or those who are interested to get into the startup culture or expand their horizon of business, thereby providing a platform where the community come together, with a common language and understanding to network and learn from one another.

Spark Chat is clustered into three models, they are:

  • Fireside Chat: An informal conversation between us and a notable entrepreneur or educator or an investor who is supporting in the development of the startup ecosystem in Maldives and share their success and failures with an audience with live interaction.
  • Podcast: We would be launching our own podcast, whereby we would be inviting individuals and representatives from various businesses, organisations and institutions to talk about business environment and promoting the startup culture thereby creating the entrepreneurial mindset in Maldives.
  • Video Talk Show