Sparkhub is committed to providing a holistic program offering that accelerates the growth of entrepreneurs and enhances their sustainability.

The upcoming Virtual Incubator Programme (VIP), powered by Sparkhub would be targeting towards providing a mentoring and coaching services for startups from its business ideation process until the MVP is developed.

The winning team from the various hackathon & challenges organised by Sparkhub would be enrolled into the VIP, who would be following the start-up phase of their new fresh enterprises ideas without the costs and the limits of offering logistic services of settlement.

The VIP would focus on providing advisory, mentoring and technical service that an incubator offers but without the physical facilities through the support of the partners/mentor pool of Sparkhub. The aim of the VIP is to support the development of the entrepreneurial Communities through the enhancement of the matching and coordination among mentors, entrepreneurs and start-up.