Sparkhub Faciliates Idea Camp 2019 Organised by Allied Maldives


Male: 20th October 2019

Allied Insurance Company of the Maldives concluded its second Idea Camp, which was designed for the staff of Allied, below the Deputy Managers from 18th to 19th October 2019 and was facilitated by Sparkhub.

The two day corporate hackathon organised by Allied Maldives is held every year to promote corporate Innovation and encouraging the employees to be part of the Corporate Innovation process, celebrating their drive and creativity to the company.

This year 9 teams participated and prior to the camp, the teams were formed and they made a 2 minute pitch at the commencement of the camp. Over the next 24 hours, the teams worked on the idea with support from Mentors, who were from Allied and two external mentors apart from the Sparkhub facilitation and mentoring team.

3 teams won at the idea camp taking home a winning prize of MVR 50,000 per team and the 4 judges for this year idea camp were from diverse expertise areas. The judges for this year were, Mr. Mohamed Shafaz, MD of Allied Insurance Company of the Maldives, Ms. Aishath Adnan, Deputy Manager of Information System, Allied Insurance Company of the Maldives, Ms. Rubeena Naseem, Former HR Manager of Allied Insurance of Maldives and Mr. Iyaz Waheed, President at Universal Foundation.

The 3 winning ideas of this year is LiBRA, KindeRed and WaWa. These teams would also be involved in the implementation and execution of their ideas during all stages. Winning teams would be highly recognised at Allied Insurance’s annual event and will be supported throughout the year by Allied Insurance.


It was a great opportunity for Sparkhub to facilitate the 2nd Idea Camp organised by Allied Insurance Company of the Maldives and pave the way for its vision to further encourage the Maldivian corporates to organise similar hackathon for corporate innovation. 

- END -